To: The General Assembly Committee on Public Health
Date: Thursday February 26, 2013

Testimony on behalf of the Connecticut Child Care Association (CCCA) in support  of the passage of Proposed Senate Bill 298: An Act Concerning Renewal Applications for Daycare Licenses.

Chairpersons and Members of the Public Health Committee,  

The CT Child Care Association strongly endorses the passage of Senate Bill 298. Any number of valid, unfortunate circumstances may arise that might lead to a child care facility inadvertently missing the deadline for a re-licensing application.  Allowing a 30 day grace period provides a short, but appropriate window of forgiveness to give centers the chance to maintain their licensing and continue running high quality programs for children. 

To give a brief example, illness or injury to a center director that is in charge of licensing procedures would mean that an application may have to be turned in late. This bill would simply allow extenuating circumstances to be remediated and centers to not fall short of licensing. 

We thank you for your consideration of our concerns and ask that you act favorably on this proposal.


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